Yes, and conversion to whatever format you need is done at no cost. This includes sets […]
The rental fee structure has variables which affect price for each rental.  Generally speaking, full length […]
The titles can be sent whenever you wish, once the contract is signed and rental fee […]
Absolutely, yes. It is not legal for me to rent supertitles for a work which is […]
The technology has improved enough that having a projector is a very affordable product for most […]
Most companies would not want to pay for the travel, lodging, and time required for me […]
It depends on your performance space, the distance between your projector and the receiving surface, and […]
Absolutely. The rental fee depends on the complexity and length of the program, and typically is […]
New titles are being made all the time, and I am happy to add new titles […]
You should select someone who can read music well, and preferably, someone familiar with the opera […]
There are several reasons why having supertitles for English and English-translated operas is beneficial. First, the […]
Yes, you may request a specific aria or scene in order to get an idea of […]
Supertitles are formatted for use on a standard screen dimension that is a ratio of 1 […]
Yes, there is a 20% discount applied to a single contract with multiple titles included in […]
The rental fee does not include processing cuts. It is best for you to process cuts […]
Be sure to insure the mailing for $1250, the sale value of the score if it […]
Yes. The slideshow is done electronically in Microsoft PowerPoint. Any slide may be customized to meet […]