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The rental fee structure has variables which affect price for each rental.  Generally speaking, full length operas in the public domain are $600, with a reduced $400 rental offered for organizations with annual operating budgets under $250,000 and for educational institutions.  For organizations with annual operating budgets under $75,000 the full length opera rate is generally $250.  One act operas are typically $300, $200, and $150 respectively.

Annual operating budget must be verified using the organization’s Form 990 before a discount may be applied.

Some operas and oratorios will fall outside of that pricing structure.  For example, I have an agreement with Schirmer for a few operas in the list which do not yet fall within the public domain.  The fee for those titles is higher because a portion of the rental fee gets paid to Schirmer.  Smaller oratorios such as the Beethoven 9th Symphony don’t have a lot of text, so that fee is much less than a normal rental.

If you request a custom title set for a work which is rarely performed, that is going to be higher than normal because it is unlikely I will be able to rent that set of titles again.

If you would like to inquire about rentals for works in the library, or for custom works not yet in the library, please email me at info @ operasupertitles . com

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