We’re all done with this production. Where do I send the score?

Be sure to insure the mailing for $1250, the sale value of the score if it gets lost. Don’t think it won’t happen, it has happened more than once.

Send the score to:
Chadwick Creative Arts
6 Nantucket Court
Medford NJ 08055

Assuming you followed directions, no markings should be in the score, only Post-It Notes. Take out the Post-It Notes (wasn’t that easy?) and simply mail the score back. If you did not follow directions and you made pencil marks in the score, erase all pencil marks carefully and thoroughly, and without damaging the score. A full sized proper eraser, not just the one on the back of that pencil that has been sitting in your drawer for two years, is recommended. Now, remove any binding material (paper clips, etc.) from the score and return it to the address above. Scores returned with pencil marks and/or binding material are charged a $100 damage fee for repair, regardless of how many or how few markings there are. Scores returned beyond re-use (such as scores written into with pen or trashed beyond the ability to be rented to others) will be returned to you and you will be responsible for the purchase price of the score (see your contract for details).

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