Where can I download instructions?
Why, right here!

The instructions should have also been included with your PowerPoint file via email.

How do I use the Presenter View?
Make your projector the second monitor. Then, set up PowerPoint to make use of the dual monitors. In older versions of PowerPoint, select Slide Show | Set Up Show. Then, under the Multiple Monitors section, select the appropriate monitor (your projector). In later versions of PowerPoint, select the “Slide Show” tab and make sure that “Use Presenter View” is selected. Open the slideshow and press F5. PowerPoint displays the slide on the projector. It displays the “Presenter View” on your laptop or desktop, which includes options for seeing a preview of the upcoming slides, the current slide, and the Notes field.

The Notes field will include the Cue number. PowerPoint program also shows the slide number – this is NOT the Cue number from the score! Use the Cue number in the NOTES field!

If you have an emergency and need to show a blank screen, you can click the “Black Screen” button in some versions of PowerPoint. You can rejoin the slideshow at the selected slide by pressing [Shift] + [F5]

The cue numbers aren’t lining up!
Make sure you are looking at the cue number in the Notes field and not the PowerPoint slide number. When slides get deleted or added or moved, the Notes field cue number will always match the score. This also allows you to add in cues if needed, such as splitting up a longer set of text into two slides without messing up the cue numbering system (such as Cue 46 and Cue 46.1 or Cue 46b). The Notes field is on the right side of the Presenter View screen just under the preview for the next slide. This can be confusing, so in updated versions of the slideshows “Cue” has been replaced with “Current Cue:” to help avoid confusion.

What happens to the number system when I add or cut a slide?
The slideshow is a PowerPoint file, which consists of a number of slides.  Each slide is numbered by PowerPoint, next to the small preview of your slide.  HOWEVER, the cue numbers in your score correspond to the cue numbers in the NOTES field within the PowerPoint presentation.  These do not change when slides are added, hidden, or removed.  PowerPoint might tell you that you’re looking at slide 154 of 650, but the Notes field will retain and match the cue number in your score! This system is in place so that any addition or removal of a slide will not affect the cue system. If you are only doing cuts, you can actually maintain the PowerPoint slide number in its current position by right clicking on the slide you want to cut, and selecting “Hide Slide.”

I’m ready to send the stuff back.  What now?
Assuming you followed directions, no markings should be in the score, only Post-It Notes. Take out the Post-It Notes (wasn’t that easy?), remove the score from the binder rings, re-attach them to the binder backing (don’t ship them in the rings or you’ll damage the binder!) and simply mail the score back through a safe and insurable method.

If you did not follow directions and you made pencil marks in the score, erase all pencil marks carefully and thoroughly, and without damaging the score. If you made markings in pen, send payment of $1250.00 to pay for the replacement of the cue score. There can be no evidence at all that the score has been written in. Do not use the awful eraser you find on the back of a pencil! A full-sized proper gummy eraser, not just the one on the back of that pencil that has been sitting in your drawer for two years, is necessary. A proper eraser will damage the score much less, and will take you much less time as well.

Now, return the score to Chadwick Creative Arts, 6 Nantucket Court, Medford NJ 08055 through a safe, traceable, insurable method . Scores returned with pencil marks are charged a minimum $100 damage fee for repair, regardless of how many or how few markings there are. Scores returned beyond re-use (such as scores written into with pen or trashed beyond the ability to be rented to others) will be charged $1250.00. This has happened multiple times. It is your responsibility to make sure your runner knows the score is not to be written in!

How do I mark cuts?
Use Post-It notes for all markings.  Do not mark directly on the score.  Do not use tape or any other adhesive which binds to paper.  Do not write on or remove the cue number stickers.  Do not write in cuts with hard pencil and indent the paper.  Do not do anything that will risk the score being damaged.  Do not mark in pen or marker, or you will be charged the full replacement fee listed in your contract.

I have more questions.
Please contact me using the web site’s Contact link or by calling me at 609-975-9766.