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Rental of supertitles, or subcontracting to create supertitles, requires a signed contract (sent separately) prior to rental or payment.  If you have not yet signed a contract for this payment, please call 609-654-1840 or 609-975-9766 and a contract will be sent to you as quickly as possible.

Terms of the rental may be found in your contract. No refunds or returns shall be allowed. In the event a production is cancelled, the rental fee value will be applied to a future rental. If the rental for the cancelled production was part of a discounted set, only the discounted amount will be credited toward a future rental.

If supertitles are being rented for a work which does not fall under the public domain, customer agrees that proof of rights to obtain and project supertitles will be required. If such proof is not obtained, the supertitles will not be sent and payment will be applied in full toward a future rental.

Do not pay for a rental of supertitles if you do not have rights to obtain and project titles for your production.