New Rate Structure

We’re excited to announce that the old three-tier rate structure has been replaced with a simpler two-tier structure. Previous clients who paid the “full” Rate One price because their organization’s annual operating budget exceeded $250,000 now get what used to be the Rate Two price! The new structure separates into two rates:

Rate One: Annual Operating Budget Over $100,000
Rate Two: Annual Operating Budget Under $100,000 / Educational Institutions

While so many things are going up, we are very happy to be able to say that our prices have either remained the same, or even gone down. We know times are difficult, so we offer many incentives to rent your titles from us:

  • $50 off any rental for first-time renting organizations
  • 20% off rentals for multiple productions in a season, when paid together
  • NEW: $50 off any rental when you refer another organization who rents from us