Available Rentals

My supertitle rentals include a marked piano-vocal cue score, and an original and artistic translation of the libretto presented in a Powerpoint slide show (TitleDriver and other formats are available) ready for performance. They are based on the original libretti, with adjustments made for vernacular accessibility and quick comprehension. Supertitles are a vital part of making opera and oratorio accessible to everyone. Slide shows can be customized. You can also purchase arias and scenes for your opera scenes program. If you don't see the title you need, please ask - I'm happy to create it for you.

Rental rates are a flat fee regardless of the size of your venue or the number of performances. These prices do not include the processing of cuts or custom dialogue insertions. There are discounts available depending on your organization's annual operating budget. Discounts are available for educational institutions and for multiple titles rented together.

Some titles are indicated with an asterisk(*) followed by the text Commission. These indicate works published by G. Schimer, Inc. for which the intellectual property is not yet public domain. G. Schirmer, Inc. will not allow third party rentals of this intellectual property, and have refused to create a perpetual licensing agreement to allow anyone to rent the supertitles from a third party. However, you can hire me as a sub-contractor me to create a copy for use with your grand rights (required). The supertitle set then becomes your property, but may not be distributed to others. In essence, it is a sale, not a rental, so unfortunately the price is a little higher than most rentals.

Rate One: Annual Operating Budget Over $250,000
Rate Two: Annual Operating Budget Under $250,000 / Educational Institutions